Sunday, July 31, 2005
By Steven L. Taylor

Via Reuters: ‘Stealth’ crashes on takeoff at U.S. box office.

I’ve seen the trailer twice and both times I was struck by the cliched plot, the certain predictability of the storyline and the unbelievable premise. First off we are supposed to believe that it is possible to create a robot fighter jet that is better than any human pilot by a quantum leap or two, and then that a lightning strike is able to reprogram the roboplane so that it uses its powers for evil instead of good? Yep, that’s original.

And, of course, there’s the vaunted man v. machine storyline wherein at the end we will learn that really, man is better than machine after all.

Yup–no shock at all that it isn’t making any coin.

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2 Responses to “This Doesn’t Surprise Me”

  1. Sean Hackbarth Says:

    Even better, I watched the first four minutes of it via TiVo. It was watching a video game for the big screen. Lots of explosions and special effects. There was no acting shown. That should tell you all about this lame, straight-to-DVD flick.

  2. Bamacrat Says:

    How did Jamie Foxx get tied up in this? It’s hard to believe a recent Oscar winner could agree to be in something so obviously bad.

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