Friday, November 11, 2005
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the BBC: Liberia’s ‘Iron Lady’ claims win

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, known as the “Iron Lady”, has claimed victory as the first woman to be elected president of Liberia – or anywhere in Africa.


Electoral authorities have not yet officially declared a winner in the country’s first presidential election after 14 years of civil war and the United Nations peacekeeping force has put extra troops on the streets in case of unrest.

The National Elections Commission has two weeks to issue the final results after they come in from remote areas of the war-ravaged country.

With 91% of ballots counted, she had won 59% of the vote to leave her main rival, George Weah, trailing on 41%.


the head of the Economic Community of West African State (Ecowas) observer mission, E M Debrah, said the preliminary conclusion was that the election had been “generally peaceful, free, fair and transparent”.


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2 Responses to “Liberia Elects First Female President in Africa”

  1. Fruits and Votes Says:

    Liberia election: Africa’s first woman president will face a deeply divided legislature

    Results are still not complete from Tuesday’s presidential runoff in Liberia, but that has not stopped former Finance Minister Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf from claiming victory. She will be the first female president in African history. She defeated f…

  2. Bill BARLAY Says:

    Bravo!! Ellen JOHNSON-SIRLEAF.She is the best answer to Liberia’s current political mess.To not have her as President will be a sad mistake and will lead the nation to many more years of unstable governance.
    Pr. Bill BARLAY

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