Friday, February 28, 2003
By Steven Taylor

Dan Rather has a column in the WSJ about his encounter with Saddam. The piece itself really doesn’t say much, but it clearly proffers the thesis that Saddam’s main motivator is survival. I would reject this notion and suggest that his main motivation is survival with power, and on his terms. He could survive by going into exile, or he could easily have survived with power, but sans WMD’s if he would cooperate with the inspection regime.

No, Saddam’s actions clearly demonstrate that he is hoping to push this situation to brink, and that the US will back down or be stopped (because its a bluff, because of the French, because of the protestors, etc.). He has outwitted the international community for twelve years, so he has some cause to believe he will do so know. Cleary he wants to survive and maintain the status quo ante.

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