Tuesday, January 31, 2006
By Steven L. Taylor

Being a powerful, influential blogger or because e-mail is essentially free and I was accidentally added to an e-mail list (I am not sure which) I just received a preview press release on the President’s SOTU address.

Here’s what I see:

  • The need for the US to be a leader in the world (boilerplate from every post-9/11 speech the prez has given).
  • The US must spread freedom and not retreat within our own borders (freedom is good).
  • Families are important, and economic growth is good (who knew?).
  • We need alternative fuel sources (the whole “addicted to oil” bit, which is shaping up to be a key soundbite).

  • We must do something about health care (although exactly what, the press release doesn’t day).
  • Compassion is good (compassionate conservative on the march again).

Hmm, maybe those are excerpts from last year’s speech…

Well, that was an exciting press release, now wasn’t it?

(I must confess, I am in a flippant mood about tonight’s speech, we’ll see if that spills over into whatever liveblogging I do tonight).

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5 Responses to “SOTU Preview”

  1. Jay Says:

    You’ll be watching so we don’t have to…

  2. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

    It’s like my political scientist duty.

  3. Chris Lawrence Says:

    A duty I generally neglect, mind you…

  4. PoliBlog: A Rough Draft of my Thoughts » SOTU Question: Love Child? Clone? Says:

    [...] comedian. This year, I up the ante with a visual comparison: I report, you decide. (Toldja I was in a flippant mood).

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  5. Chris Lawrence Says:

    There’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back, although it would have been better had they let Sheehan stay. GOP congressmen should be begging for her and Ramsey Clark to come to protest their reelection rallies this year.

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