Tuesday, February 28, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

From the SIGIR report entitled Iraq Reconstruction: Lessons in Human Capital Management[PDF]:

This report on the use of human resources within the U.S. reconstruction program in Iraq reveals a central if unsurprising point: there was insufficient systematic planning for human capital management in Iraq before and during the U.S.-directed stabilization and reconstruction operations. The practical limitations ensuing from this shortfall adversely affected reconstruction in post-war Iraq. Moreover, the somewhat fitful creation of the initial coalition reconstruction organizations, and the unanticipated post-war collapse of virtually all Iraqi governing structures, substantially hindered coalition efforts to develop and rapidly execute an effective reconstruction program.

A variety of causes led to the problems that burdened human capital management in Iraq. When planning for managing postwar Iraq began in mid-2002, no comprehensive policy or regulatory guidelines existed to staff a temporary “surge” organization for stabilization and reconstruction. One senior Department of Defense (DoD) official told the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) that the U.S. government was not systemically structured to execute overseas reconstruction and stabilization programs. Further, overall operational planning naturally focused on military requirements.

Sans ability to execute “overseas reconstruction and stabilization” the invasion should never have taken place.

What is especially frustrating is that I am not sure we have yet developed the capacity needed.

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4 Responses to “The Same Subject Continued”

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    1. Honey P Says:

      Wow Halliburtion was sure quick
      to build Permenent Billion dollar
      Military Bases.
      I don’t feel water or sewage plants
      were smart military targets in the
      first place. But then few have ever
      accused this administration of haveing
      a brain or a heart. This War has created
      more enemys than it stopped.

    2. Gdshf Says:

      None of this is new. Jay Garner was describing this stuff within weeks of being relieved of his viceroyal duties in favor of Metal of Freedom winner Paul Bremer.

      If anything, this report should be enough evidence to show that Bush & Rumsfeld are plainly incompetent. I would like to see Congress push forward on House Resoulution 625 in light of this. That, of course, would take Republican leadership–which is non-existent in Congress at this moment.

    3. bg Says:

      Well Honey, I think “Permanent Billion dollar
      Military Bases” is a slight exaggeration. Perhaps you are suggesting that dumping money into force protection and quality of life for our forces is not money well spent or maybe you just don’t like the idea that the money went to Haliburton, I am not sure. What other company out there can compete with Haliburton for what they do? You should see there work sometime, it is very impressive.

      Oh, and water and sewers as military targets. Kind of like the Army Corps of Engineers building dams and bridges in Tennessee. Rebuilding infrastructure in a country that never had it in the first place is simply a step in fighting the counterinsurgency. Smart and good for the people.

      Creating more enemies? Here is the beautiful thing about this war, we don’t have to do ANYTHING to create enemies, just simply living and breathing our “infidel” Western ways creates enemies. (yes, we are at war, kind of like WW II). A Danish Cartoon created as many enemies as a year of occupation in Iraq (how many violent protests break out in protesting US’s role in Iraq?). No matter what we do, these people will always find a reason to hate us, at least Iraq is a proactive effort, albeit a frustrating one. What is your recommendation other then simply dumping the country’s leadership and starting over (which would not have the desired effect of defeating the terrorists, it would simply embolden them because removing the current administration is the part of the terrorists’ goals).

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      [...] q, Redux
      By Dr. Steven Taylor @ 6:13 am

      Yesterday I wrote two posts (here and here that dealt with the SIGIR report on post-war planning for Iraq. As a point of clarification, I would not [...]

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