Friday, April 28, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Via Yahoo Sports: Homeowner alleges Bush family paid no rent:

Michael Michaels, who owns the Spring Valley, Calif., home in which Reggie Bush’s family lived for nearly a year, said Thursday he will file a $3.2 million lawsuit for fraud against the Bush family Friday to recoup unpaid rent and other finances given to the USC star’s family.

Michaels’ attorney, Brian Watkins, alleged Thursday night that Bush’s mother and stepfather, Denise and LaMar Griffin, failed to pay $54,000 in rent for the home that has become the center of a joint Pacific 10 Conference and NCAA investigation. Watkins also said that Michaels supplied money to the Bush family, including financing that allowed them to travel to several USC road games last season.

Not good.

However, I can’t imagine that this will effect Bush’s draft status one iota. It could come back to bite the USC program, however, if Bush is declared ineligible retroactively.

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One Response to “Bad News for USC”

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    1. Talmadge L. East Says:

      Well Alabama had to forfeit all bowl money and a season because, WITHOUT the school’s knowledge, Antonio Langham talked to an agent in the 1990′s. How much you wanna bet USC get a lenient sentence if any.

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