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By Steven L. Taylor


Los Rangers to take the field: The Rangers will recognize Cinco de Mayo on Friday by playing in special uniforms for the opener of their three-game series against the New York Yankees. Made by Majestic and styled after the Rangers’ home uniform, the jerseys will read “Los Rangers” across the chest and feature a commemorative Cinco de Mayo patch on the right sleeve.

A photo (via the AP) of Kevin Mench is his “Los Rangers” uni:

This affront to American culture and the English language caused Michelle Malkin to post quotes from a number of e-mails from her readers, including one that stated:

I guess this was done for that great American holiday, 5th of May. What an insult to the Texas Rangers.

And another which said:

The hell with the MLB, I’m not watching another game.

I’m sorry, but if the word “Los” and the fact that a baseball team had a promotion for Cinco de Mayo results in that kind of reaction, I’m afraid that xenophobia is the only adequate description for one’s behavior.

Writes Malkin:

I understand the Rangers wanted to do something innocuous to recognize a holiday celebrating historical and cultural pride. But the politically correct selectivity here is telling. While it’s considered a celebration of “diversity” to acknowledge the military sacrifices of another nation’s heroes, it’s considered racist to acknowledge the military sacrifices of one’s own.

Case in point: Can you imagine if someone proposed changing the Rangers’ jerseys to “Confederate Rangers” to celebrate Confederate Heroes’ Day?

Sorry, but yes: celebrating Confederate Heroes Day would create a stir, for good reason. I hate to point this out, but there was the whole slavery thing. And really, to most people Cinco de Mayo isn’t about celebrating foreign soldiers (although it is a celebration of kicking the French out of Mexico–something you’d think Americans would appreciate), to most Americans it’s a day to eat Mexican food. Where, precisely, is the difference between this and something like the St. Patrick’s Day parade or some other acknowledgement of that holiday?

And to be honest, for most Americans both Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day are simply days that justify the consumption of beer. The main difference being that on day one consumes Dos Equis and on the other one consumes Guinness.

If one is going to get upset about something like this, then it calls into question the seriousness with which one is discussing the entire immigration debate.

Update: Poking around in the ‘Sphere I noted via Oliver Willis that after the game, the jerseys were autographed and raffled off for charity (from

Following the game, each member of the team will autograph their game-worn Los Rangers jersey, and fans will have the opportunity to win the jerseys through a special raffle from the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit Dallas/Fort Worth non-profit organizations that support the Hispanic community. The raffle tickets will be sold for $5 each at Rangers Promotions kiosks and by volunteers during home games through May 5. Winners will receive their jerseys in a special pre-game ceremony on May 23 when the Rangers take on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The AnalPhilosopher gets it right:

Michelle Malkin sees something sinister in this, but I don’t. It’s just another marketing gimmick for the Rangers, no different from wearing “throwback” uniforms, giving bobblehead dolls to the first 20,000 fans, or selling hot dogs for a dollar apiece. The idea is to sell jerseys and drum up interest in the team. I don’t see anything wrong with marketing products to the Hispanic community. The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has a sizable Hispanic population, and many of them are baseball fans. Only someone who wants to suppress Hispanic culture could possibly object to reaching out in this way.


  • Sadly No! rather amusingly notes the name of the San Diego MLB franchise.
  • Freedom Folks wishes one of the Rangers had refused to wear the uni.
  • Rue St. Michel see the whole thing as “pandering” that is “getting out of hand” and warns that “The barbarians are at the gate.” I shan’t get into the irony of a blog that has a logo and tagline in French getting upset about a baseball team putting “Los” in front of their name.

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9 Responses to “¡El horror de los Rangers!”

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    1. B. Minich, PI Says:

      My main complaint is that the uniforms were ugly.

      And also, what team puts “The” in front of their name. Will my favorite team put “The Pirates” on their uniform? No! It just looks stupid, since we don’t do it in English. We should have picked the Spanish word for “Rangers” for this to work, if there is a seperate word. If not, why make ugly looking uniforms?

    2. B. Minich, PI Says:

      Oh, and is calling an AMERICAN CITY Los Angeles concerning? What about San Diego? El Paso? Man, its as if California and Texas (and other areas) are pandering to illegals! Oh, my! Panic, all of us!

      Because when I see “Los Rangers”, I immediately think of Los Angeles (another reason these uniforms don’t work – they make me think of California, not Texas, probably not what the Texas Rangers intended. ;) ) Is there a suburb of Los Angeles called Los Rangers? ;)

    3. LaurenceB Says:

      I didn’t think anyone could manufacture a controversy more ridiculous than the one about singing the national anthem in spanish.

      Boy was I wrong.

    4. haof Says:

      The World Champion Chicago White Sox have been running a promotion the last couple of years where the team wears Irish-themed uniforms and i don’t remember Malkin making a stink.

      Hell, Major League Baseball even sells a green White Sox shirt featuring the Gaelic language!–ci-1452703_cp-1452622.html

      The horror! You are correct, Steven, xenophobia is the only explanation for such idiotic statements.

    5. Dr. Steven Taylor Says:

      Thanks for the tip!

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