Tuesday, October 27, 2009
By Steven L. Taylor

RCP reports that “Neighborhood Research polled the district for Minuteman PAC, the political arm of the Minuteman Movement” (which has endorsed Hoffman) with the following results:

Hoffman 34
Owens 29
Scozzafava 14
Und 23

Both this one and the Club for Growth poll I noted yesterday shows a similar number of undecideds which means we really have no idea who is ahead at the moment.

Like the CfG poll, the sample size was small (in this case, 366), but the MOE was not reported (nor was there a link to a full report).

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2 Responses to “Another Questionable NY-23 Poll”

  1. Chris Lawrence Says:

    The standard formula would suggest the margin of error is ±5.1%.

  2. PoliBlog: A Rough Draft of my Thoughts » Another NY-23 Poll Says:

    [...] numbers are not radically different (although they are closer) than the two previous polls I noted this week, and this one has a more respectable sample [...]

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