Sunday, May 30, 2010
By Steven L. Taylor

The last in the series (which is a good thing, since the polls close in less than twenty minutes from the time of posting)

Really, unless the polling has been radically wrong by all the pollsters for weeks, none of the rest of the field (i.e., another other than Santos or Mockus) has any chance to make it to the second round.

image Noemí Sanín:  Conservative Party (PC) candidate.

Sanín won a hotly contested PC primary back in March, and was initially second-place in the polls until Mockus’ charge up the ladder.  She is a former cabinet minister and ambassador (including service in the Uribe administration).  Sanín is an uribista who was also critical of Uribe.

She has run for president before.

A previous post:  Giant Noemi.


image Gustavo Petro:  Alternative Democratic Pole (PDA) candidate

The PDA is the party of the electoral left/center-left and a key part of the anti-Uribe opposition.  Their 2006 candidate came in second to Uribe in the first round, but not such chance this time.





image Rafael Pardo:  Liberal Party (PL) candidate.

The Liberal Party and the Conservative Party are the two traditional parties in Colombia whose origins link back to the mid-1800s.

The PL has been part of the Uribe opposition and at one point it appeared that they might be competitive for the presidency. 

Previous posts: Pardo Thinks Happy Thoughts,

Photos I took of Pardo during my March trip to Bogotá:  Pardo and Gaviria, Pardo Speaks, Campaigning 1, Campaigning 2.


image Germán Vargas Lleras:  Radical Change (CR) candidate.

Radical Change was part of the pro-Uribe coalition (along with La U and the PC) during the 2006-2010 period.  Vargas decided early on to run for the presidency, even when it seemed the Uribe was going to be able to run for a third term.

The rest of the rest:

Not even really worth comment:

image image image

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