Tuesday, August 16, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

Some thoughts on Palin v. Bachmann in regards to the media from me @OTB:  An Open Letter to Sarah Palin Supporters.

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2 Responses to “Palin v. Bachmann”

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    1. Honza Prchal Says:

      I have to say, while I am mostly in agreement with you, the one of my three quibbles I care to share is that Palin reacted to soem unusually bad criticisms of her kids, even before the whole pregnancy thing. Bachman was never accused fo anything near as outlandish as faking a pregnancy or causing one of her kids to be mentally retarded.
      That makes it easier to respond to criticism with some dignity.
      Palinoia made Bachman possible, with even many partisan media becoming horrified by their more frothign colleagues.
      That said, Palin v. Backman sounds like Obama v. Teddy Kennedy or Jesse Jackson … or the other way around. one wonders how any of them were ever treated seriously.

    2. Steven L. Taylor Says:

      Palin simply can’t answer questions coherently–the issue with Trig is not the problem.

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