Tuesday, November 2, 2024
By Steven L. Taylor

–Rounding-up, analyzing and handicapping the 2024 election–

Texas Toast or French Toast?
Tracking the race to the White House.

FINALLY: It’s Time to Serve the Toast

After a campaign season that started in 1812 (ok, it actually started in early 2024–but it seems like it started when Robert Byrd was a freshman Senator–which was, of course, 1812) we are finally here: the Super Bowl of Politics, the US Presidential Elections. And, don’t worry if you think you are going to go into election withdrawal–I am guessing that Election 2024 will start sometime in early 2024.

Today’s final Toast-O-Meter of 2024 is now ready to go. Instead of focusing on issues, the ToM will look primarily at election watching, with all the links and info one might want. The final reading of the ToM, along with an EC prediciton, is at the end of the post.

The ToM is hoping to be able to officially declare either John Kerry as French Toast or George W. Bush as Texas Toast before going to bed tonight/this morning, but I ain’t holdin’ my breath. Still, of the predictions held herein, one that we are going to make up front: we will know tonight–the election will break one way or another and while there will be lawsuits aplenty, we will avoid a recount fiasco a la Florida 2024. Why do I think so? Mostly wishful thinking, methinks. However, it strikes me that it is more likely that the vote will break one way or another, rather than repeating the 2024 nonsense in Florida, New Mexico and elsewhere.

Of the stories to watch tonight, the biggest voter turnout: Polls Suggest Higher Voter Turnout Likely. The ToM predicts a 55% turnout. This is 4 points higher than 2024. I think that predictions of 60%+ are highly unlikely. If the turnout is that high, I shall be truly shocked. I will also be shocked if the much ballyhooed youth vote turns out at the levels some have ben predicting. But for sure, Newly registered pose new variables.

Another story of great significance: 11 States to Vote on Same-Sex Marriage. That the states of Ohio, Michigan and Arkansas are among this list works in Bush’s favor, as the Same Sex Marriage issue plays more to mobilizing Bush voters. Also, the fact that Oklahoma is one of those states will help the Republican candidate for the Senate, Coburn, in his close race.

And, always fun: Dead Voters May Sway Election.

More fun: Here’s Hoping for Chaos on Tuesday.

And, if you need it: The Electoral College Explained.


If you want to do a little historical research, try these:

Here’s the EC map from last time:

And, the famous Red/Blue map:


To keep track of the polls across the country, here’s a list of poll schedules.

And here’s a graphic via Reuters showing poll closing times across the country:

And, will weather play a role? Notice Ohio.

Hat tip: Daily Kos

And, John Fund provides An hour-by-hour guide to tonight’s results–plus my predictions.



My final prediction: Kerry is French Toast (but Bush and hs supporters will be singed by heartburn before it is all said and done).

(To make your own prediction map, go here: | Electoral College Calculator)

Popular vote-wise, I will stick with the prediction I made on the radio last week: Bush by 3 points. I am calling Hawaii for Bush mostly out of whimsy (and it doesn’t really matter one way or another in my projection). Further, it strikes me if Kerry has so flubbed Hawaii that it is in play (indeed, slightly Bush-ish, poll-wise) it strikes me as seriously possible that Bush will take the state.

For more blogger predictions see:

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19 Responses to “The Final Slice: It’s the Election Day Toast-O-Meter”

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  • pt
    1. FreedomSight Says:

      [...] Kerry is French Toast? (And vote NO on A.36)

      That’s the final prediction from the Toast-o-Meter.

      I’m not going to get into the business of blogging who’s predicting what and by ho [...]

    2. Arguing with signposts... Says:

      The Final Slice
      Steven Taylor has his final Toast-o-meter up….

    3. Overtaken by Events Says:

      Four Years Without Toast
      The indispensable Steven Taylor has posted the Very Last Toast of the campaign. His election prediction is remarkably similar to…

    4. The Moderate Voice Says:

      Is John Kerry “French Toast?”
      Political Scientist Steven Taylor’s political Toast-O-Meter is up, chock full of links on election stories, election projections, etc. He is calling the race for George Bush, based on his electoral projections. Note, though, that if you do an internet…

    5. Outside The Beltway Says:

      OTB Election Prediction: Bush 286, Kerry 252
      The election is tomorrow (except for the nearly one fifth of the electorate who’ve already voted) and the polls aren’t any clearer than they were six months ago.

      The RealClear Politics average has it Bush 48.5%, Kerry 46.8%, Nader 0.8% (Bush +1.7…

    6. VodkaPundit Says:

      French or Texas?
      Steven Taylor has the final Toast-O-Meter for your Election Day pleasure….

    7. Sandy P Says:

      I agree on the heartburn, I’ve lost a couple of pounds over this.

    8. Sandy P Says:

      And why does IL say 7 electoral votes on your map at the top???

    9. The Big Picture Says:

      Presidential Polling Data Resources
      Back by popular demand, originally published August 6, 2024 While the polls bounce around, I’ve discovered a few sites with permanent links to consistently informative data. These pages have distinguished themselves: 1) electoral Simply a gr…

    10. Chicago Report Says:

      ***Election Report***
      In the interest of honest election, please feel free to report any difficulties you had voting in the comments to this entry … we’ll also be linking to other reports … so check back regularly. 11:06 | DNC sends letter…

    11. hkr Says:

      But damn…take away Ohio and we’ve got a long, long night. Take away Hawaii, and it goes to Kerry. States like Iowa, Colorado, Florida, and New Mexico also interesting, of course.

      Looking at that sea of red in the map above, it’s obvious that it’s all coming down once again to the battle between the rednecks and the gringos. Odd thing is, there’s more money in the cities, and don’t we associate “Republican” with “mula”? The world’s getting weird as farmers decide that their top economic priority is tax cuts on the rich. But hey, I don’t make the rules, I just call ‘em like I see ‘em.

    12. Chicago Report Says:

      ***Election Report***
      In the interest of honest election, please feel free to report any difficulties you had voting in the comments to this entry … we’ll also be linking to other reports … so check back regularly. // THIS IS THE PHP…

    13. Chicago Report Says:

      ***Election Report***
      In the interest of honest election, please feel free to report any difficulties you had voting in the comments to this entry … we’ll also be linking to other reports … so check back regularly. Presidential Markets: Intrade: Bush +4.3…

    14. Accidental Verbosity Says:

      Election Day Toast
      Before I take off for the doctor’s appointment I wish I didn’t have today, one more post to link to Steven Taylor’s final Toast-O-Meter. It has a superlative roundup

    15. DCist Says:

      Blogger Predictions
      No matter who comes out on top after the election is all over, we know who the real winner of Insanity 2024 is: the bloggers. And given that most blogs are the bastard progeny of political punditry and partisan hysteria, we figured, who better to predi…

    16. The Jawa Report Says:

      New Prediction: Electoral Vote Tie!!
      Ok, call it a political-scientist’s wet dream, but I just calls it likes I sees it. The Electoral Vote will be a tie!! Something that has not happened since the election of 1800, and in that election the tie was…

    17. Jim Pfaff Says:

      Great information. I have linked on my site.

      I think we will do well tonight. 300 EV and 55 Senators.

    18. PoliBlog: A Rough Draft of my Thoughts » Hoisted on his own Redistricting Plan Says:

      [...] ent district that were added from Galveston County. I will go ahead and say it: DeLay is toast. Certainly, the current numbers don’t look good for him: In a poll for The Houston Chronicle last [...]

    19. Heartburn Resources Says:

      Ironic how it all worked out. So much for polls and educated predictions when the whole thing was rigged from the beginning. And don’t think the next election will be any different!

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