Monday, January 31, 2005
By Steven L. Taylor

Via the AP: State Democrats Back Dean for DNC Post

State party leaders gave their backing Monday to Howard Dean in his bid to be chairman of the Democratic National Committee, putting the former presidential candidate in a strong position to win the election in about two weeks.

Rival Wellington Webb, former mayor of Denver, dropped out of the chairman’s race after the endorsement and also backed Dean. Webb’s aide Cindy Brovski said, “Mathematically, it looks like Dean is going to win on the first ballot.”

The Association of State Democratic Chairs endorsed Dean during a national conference call. Dean got 56 votes, followed by Democratic activist Donnie Fowler with 21 votes. Other candidates had support in single digits. The state chairs ignored a recommendation made Sunday by the executive committee to back Fowler and supported Dean.

Given the nature of the process, this outcome isn’t a sure thing, but it sure looks like Dean is going to win. When the best opposition candidate is guy named “Donny” who looks 10 years younger than his age (he’s 37) who no one really knows all that much about (except that he isn’t Dean) then I am not so sure that there is a viable opposition left.

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2 Responses to “The D-Train Picks up Steam”

  1. Jared Says:

    As a Republican, all I have to say is…Go Dean! Yeeeeaaarrrrghhhhh!!!

  2. bryan Says:

    Is this donny guy kind of like the Napoleon Dynamite figure? Maybe he should get some “Vote for Pedro” shirts.

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